Own voice assistant: offline, secure and individual with Home Assistant Part: 3 Rhasspy installation

Rhasspy was for me the perfect tool for a home assistant. To access the resources of Home Assistant, but also to use my Raspberry Pi 3+ for other projects, I tracked the client server setup. This went smoothly and also the first set-up of the settings. An old USB webcam also worked with the Raspberry Pi.

When I came to the Intent Handling I didn’t realize how it works with Home Assistant but with the Rhasspy Forum this was quickly clarified. The next one was an offline Text to Speech Service. Only PicoTTS was eligible. Unfortunately, after hours of searching for problems, I found out that this is currently a problem that doesn’t work with Home Assistant.

I will continue to follow this error and I must apologise to anyone who has come along so far. For anyone who does not mind such an online solution, can continue this path, but for me this is the end of the voice assistant until there is a solution.


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