Minecraft Server Plugins/Commands

My public Minecraft server uses several plugins that allow a multiplayer server but still get the vanilla gaming experience. You can enter the server as a Java edition and as a Bedrock/Windows edition player. The server address is: smilebasti.wieser-hv.de.


  • GriefPrevention – Protection against theft and destruction (with a golden shovel you can secure/claim areas. You get 75 additional claim blocks per hour of play.)
  • TradeShop – Exchange
  • DynMap – Live map java-map.wieser.myhome-server.de
  • Geyser – plugin so that Bedrock players can play on a Java server

Important Commands

  • /dynmap hide – so that you will no longer be seen on the map. /dynmap show – to be visible again.
  • /trapped – you free yourself from a captured area through foreign claims or a deep hole.
  • /trustlist – a list of players who can use the claim.
  • /trust – grants a player the right to build and use the claim. /untrust to undo it.
  • /permissiontrust – allows teammates to change the claim/ the claim size
  • /shop create – To create a TradeShop with the Command and immediately after a right click on a barrel. A Bogner Table (Fletching Table) acts as a shop inventory.
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