Welcome to smilebasti's Server

Welcome to the website to all my servers. Everything I host is also OpenSource and can be used by everyone. Here you will find a list of all servers, further links and my home server setup tutorials. So everything you need to know.

All servers that are now hosted here can be found under the server list. You also want a HomeLab server? Then contact me and I will help you find something suitable for you.


You can find information about the current Minecraft server on the Minecraft page.

You don’t just want to play Minecraft? Then connect with our community on Discord.

I try to host game servers of any kind and make them accessible to everyone. You just want to play privately? Then please contact me with the contact button below.

Setup Blog / Wiki

In my blog you will find articles about my projects and my setup. For asking just write in the comments.

I also run my own wiki for my Homelab. There you will find my software lists and also error messages with solutions for special configurations of programs.

I will try to record regularly progress and changes in the blog. This is for my own documentation but also to provide up-to-date instructions on different Home Server projects.

How to contact with

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