Current setup

Finally everything runs as it should and I have now found the time to write about my setup. I don't do marketing for any company mentioned here.


I host everything on my HP Proliant server at home behind my FritzBox 7490. Since I have only one Dynamic IP address, I use a DynDns service ( for a domain and DNS setup. I got the server cheaply on Specs: HP ProLiant SE316M1 Server 2x Xeon E5649 Six Core 2.53 GHz, 16 GB DDR3 RAM, 2x 300 GB SAS 10K

Basic setup

As a software, I try to use as much open source as possible. The basic OS is Ubuntu LTS 18.04. To run everything in Virtual Machines (VM), I chose Oracle VBox. For further servers, however, I will probably switch to Proxmox because of a graphical user interface. To see what load the server has, I use Ajenti 2.

Hosting Start Setup

The first thing I did was deal with hosting using Cloudron. As it turned out, it is only suitable for game hosting in home operation as only 2 servers are available free of charge. With minimal resources, however, this website and my Nextcloud still run on it.

Minecraft Server

For the first games I chose Minecraft Java and Minecraft Bedrock. With two simple scripts, they ran in parallel in another VM. But since I had little control over how many resources each server uses, I quickly looked for Game Panel. Easy-Wi looked good at the beginning but after the installation I found that there was no DynDns support. Then with Pterodactyl I am very satisfied in the end but during the installation there were unfortunately many problems. With the help of the community on Discord of Pterodactyl, however, things went ahead.

Apache 2 Revers Proxy

However, in order to serve several websites on different servers, a reverse proxy had to be produced. Since there wasn't much information about how this works in my case, I also had to try a lot. In the end, the Apache 2 Reverse Proxy now runs in another VM with customized scripts.


I would be happy to support you with such or similar setup. Just write me on Discord or in the support form.

In other blog posts I will record my next steps to share this and for my own documentation.


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